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6 Ways to Treat Your Chevy this Summer

The heat of summer can be hard on cars (and people), especially in Florida, where heat and humidity combine to make something usually effortless, like walking from your front door to your car, a hellish ordeal. So now, the beginning of summer, is an excellent time to prove your love for your Chevy and prepare it for the inevitable meteorological weirdness that is a Florida summer.


1. Get your AC checked out – There’s nothing worse than those few minutes between turning on your car and waiting for the air conditioning to kick in. So why not take your Chevy to our service department to get the AC checked out? Anything that cuts down the amount of time the inside of your car feels like the inside of a volcano is a good thing. Especially if you accidentally touch the metal part of your seat belt when first getting in…


2. Replace your windshield wipers –  Florida summers notoriously bring in some crazy thunderstorms. You can basically expect a mini hurricane every day around three o’clock. And while they never last very long, they can be a nightmare to drive through. So do yourself (and your Chevy) a favor and replace your windshield wipers—you’ll need all the visibility you can get.


3. Check your tires –  Before you get out on your summer road trip to see the Grand Canyon, Yosemite or Disney World, check your tires to make sure you don’t run out of air halfway to your destination. Also, if you don’t have it already, you might want to think about getting nitrogen in your tires. It leaks more slowly than regular air, allowing your tires to go farther and last longer.


4. Get an oil change – This goes along with number three. If you plan on going on any road trips this summer, it’s a really good idea to get your oil changed before you go. You don’t want any trouble once you’re on the road.


5. Give it a good wash – There’s no better way to show your Chevy how much you love it than to wash it. Love bugs, bird droppings, and other acidic elements can eat away at your vehicle’s wax and paint. So whether you treat it to one of our Car Spa Packages or wash it yourself, your vehicle will look and feel brand new. If you do choose to wash it yourself, we recommend drying it with a squeegee to avoid leaving behind any dirt.


6. Take a can of air to the interior – This might sound a little unconventional, but a great way to remove the dust from your dashboard and AC vents is to use one of those cans of air made to clean keyboards and other electronics. Just be sure not to leave the air can in your car when you’re done, because exposing that to high temperatures can be sort of dangerous.


Whether you choose to spend your summer on a cross-country road trip, at the beach, or at home, make sure to take good care of your Chevy. Hot weather can be annoying and harmful to all of us, cars and people alike. At David Maus Chevrolet, we’re as interested in treating your Chevy well as you are, so be sure to come visit us soon and check out our service specials while you’re here!

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