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Chevrolet Volt to increase MPGe!

Chevrolet just announced that the Volt’s MPGe (miles per gallon equivalent) will increase 3 miles from the 2012 model. This extended range difference will be an additional 380 miles for Volt drivers! With minor alterations to the material composition of the battery cell chemistry, Chevrolet is making small steps to a great achievement.

The 2013 Volt will also have an awesome power gauge on the dashboard as well, which will show new information about where the energy to operate the car is coming from, how much gas is being used from the tank, and how much electricity is being used from the battery.

“This attention to detail will allow our customers to experience more pure EV range, which is the true benefit of owning a Volt.” Bill Wallace, GM director of Global Systems Engineering, said.

With a commitment to make the biggest impact on the environment, Chevrolet is making the Volt the ultimate vehicle in gas mileage!

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