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Apple CarPlay in a Chevy Spark at the WWDC


Recently at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, or WWDC, Apple displayed a Chevy Spark with their new product, CarPlay. CarPlay, like AirPlay and Apple TV, is a way to use your iPhone through a different medium—which, in this case, is your car.

The interface for CarPlay is very similar to that of an iPhone. It uses the same apps and the same voice for Siri, but CarPlay uses features that require don’t require you to look at or touch the screen as much, allowing you to focus more on the road.

By connecting your iPhone (versions 5, 5s, and 5c only) to the system via USB, you’ll be able to make phone calls, look up directions, read and write (or technically listen to and dictate) texts, listen to your music, podcasts, or iTunes Radio.

From the demonstration at WWDC, it looks like CarPlay will be a much safer way to use your phone on the road. It’s user-friendly, like most Apple products, and you can do many things verbally rather than having to briefly take your eyes off the road to press a button on your dashboard—or even worse, using your actual phone and being completely distracted from driving.

CarPlay will eventually be available in future Chevy models, as well as several other major car brands. Neither Apple nor Chevy have given a specific date for when their cars will be delivered with CarPlay already in them, but we can only hope that it’s going to be soon.

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