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5 Ways To Baby Proof Your Car

Babies. They are fragile little things, aren’t they? There’s no way you are going to subject your little bundle of joy to the dangers of the world.  As a new parent, you start to realize how much a baby can actually get into and how harmful items you come into contact with every day are.

Thankfully, there are ways for us to stay proactive and prevent our kids from getting into trouble and staying safe wherever we may take them. You can essentially baby proof everything: The kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms. Whether you make your home kid-safe by installing carpet instead of tile, purchase a single level home instead of a two-story, set up door contraptions, toilet seat locks and electrical outlet coverings, people have created all sorts of gadgets and techniques to manage their kids safety.

Traditionally, baby-proofing the home is the first order of business. And as time has gone on, we have adapted to changing up our environment to be more suitable for our tots. How about the car, though? Now there’s an idea!

baby carseat



Let’s talk the essentials when it comes to making your car baby-friendly:

  1. If nothing else, at least make sure your car seat is buckled up correctly (In the middle of back seat, buckled through the seat, not over baby.) That is the safest place to keep your kiddo. Not the front, the back. Got it?
  2. Next, put your car doors and windows on child lock so they are unable to open from the inside. Sorry, babies, no escaping this one.
  3.  Seat mirrors so you can see your baby’s face from your rear view. If your baby is put in correctly their back should be to you, so this device helps you to see what all the fuss is back there!
  4. Window shades – protect that soft, porcelain smooth baby skin from the sun with some shades. It’ll keep them cool and protect their sensitive eyes/skin from the bright sun. Worth the purchase.
  5. Of course keep potentially harmful objects out of reach. Chemicals, cleaning supplies and small or sharp objects should be kept somewhere other than the backseat. Instead, replace those things with fluffy, soft, safe toys to keep them entertained and injure-free.
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