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5 Ways To Baby Proof Your Car

Babies. They are fragile little things, aren’t they? There’s no way you are going to subject your little bundle of joy to the dangers of the world.  As a new parent, you start to realize how much a baby can actually get into and how harmful items you come into contact with every day are.

Thankfully, there are ways for us to stay proactive and prevent our kids from getting into trouble and staying safe wherever we may take them. You can essentially baby proof everything: The kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms. Whether you make your home kid-safe by installing carpet instead of tile, purchase a single level home instead of a two-story, set up door contraptions, toilet seat locks and electrical outlet coverings, people have created all sorts of gadgets and techniques to manage their kids safety.

Traditionally, baby-proofing the home is the first order of business. And as time has gone on, we have adapted to changing up our environment to be more suitable for our tots. How about the car, though? Now there’s an idea!

baby carseat



Let’s talk the essentials when it comes to making your car baby-friendly:

  1. If nothing else, at least make sure your car seat is buckled up correctly (In the middle of back seat, buckled through the seat, not over baby.) That is the safest place to keep your kiddo. Not the front, the back. Got it?
  2. Next, put your car doors and windows on child lock so they are unable to open from the inside. Sorry, babies, no escaping this one.
  3.  Seat mirrors so you can see your baby’s face from your rear view. If your baby is put in correctly their back should be to you, so this device helps you to see what all the fuss is back there!
  4. Window shades – protect that soft, porcelain smooth baby skin from the sun with some shades. It’ll keep them cool and protect their sensitive eyes/skin from the bright sun. Worth the purchase.
  5. Of course keep potentially harmful objects out of reach. Chemicals, cleaning supplies and small or sharp objects should be kept somewhere other than the backseat. Instead, replace those things with fluffy, soft, safe toys to keep them entertained and injure-free.
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Tell Us More About the Bowtie!

Behind every great logo is a story of how it came to be…or is there? How exactly did this familiar logo become the iconic bowtie shape? It seems that not even the big guys at Chevrolet know! Perhaps the most popular story, though, says that Durant was inspired by the wallpaper of a French hotel he was staying at in 1907.

What we do know, however, is that the signature Chevy bowtie emblem sported on the grill of every Chevrolet was first introduced back in 1913 and created by General Motors and Chevrolet co-founder, William Durant.

Over a hundred years later, the bowtie figure has transformed a few times throughout the course of its century lifetime, but it has only gotten better with age!



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Top 5 Tips for Maintaining Your Car in the Summer Heat

The Florida heat can be unbearable during the summer months, not just for you, but also your car. Keeping your vehicle performing at its best means knowing how to take care of it in any season. No matter if it is the interior of your car or the exterior, the Sun’s blaze has a damaging effect on both. Here are our top 5 tips for how to keep your cool in your car this summer:


1.)    Prevent Dry Rot of Tires

Tires dry rot, or degrade, when exposed to harsh conditions, such as the hot sun. These conditions evaporate the essential oils in tires and breaks down their bonds. In order to prevent dry rot and maintain tire elasticity, it is important to lubricate the tires and grease them up every so often. Driving on dry-rotted tires is not safe, as they will tear apart while on the road.  There are a number of tire protectant products on the market that you can rub on your tires to keep them lasting as long as possible.













2.)    Protect Paint and Fading from Sun

Aesthetics holds a lot of importance to some of us when it comes to our cars, and in this heat chipping or fading paint can definitely result. Unless you don’t mind the look of worn down car, make sure to wash and wax your car as often as you can. Built up dirt on the surface of your vehicle prevents the paint from being able to do its real job…protect the car! Scratches and peeling paint is what you can expect if you don’t bathe your vehicle regularly.


3.)     Keep It Cool with a Sun Shade.

It’s ok to be a little shady sometimes. That is, when it comes to blocking out the sun from your car’s interior. Not only does a sun shade reduce the heat in the cabin of your car, it also protects the interior leather or vinyl from fading and/or cracking.



4.)    Replace Cabin Air Filters to Avoid Broken Down A/C Unit

What’s worse than the summer heat? Not being to escape it! Can you imagine being boxed up in a stuffy car, suffocated by the heat? You NEED your air conditioning to work, for both comfort and safety reasons. Make a habit of checking the cabin air filter every 10,000 to 13,000 miles and replace accordingly to keep the cool air flowing in!













5.)    Interior Fade and Deteriorate

As noted in tip #3, the interior of your car will crack and fade from exposure to sun. What you can do to ensure your interior does not age prematurely is invest in some window tinting and/or put up window shades in addition to pampering your seats to some leather conditioning every so often. Interior care and routine leather maintenance will keep your car looking its best. Avoid the wear and tear that comes from harmful UV damage!

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’57 Chevy: Fulfilling a Birthday Promise

Mike King gave his father a 1957 Chevy Bel Air for his 57th birthday, fulfilling the promise he had made to him when he was just 8 years old.

He had bought the Chevy two years earlier, but decided he wanted to save the surprise for his dad’s 57th birthday, so he hid it in his garage.

Roger, King’s father, had told Mike when he was 8 years old that his childhood dream car had been the ’57 Chevy Bel Air. Mike promised him that day that he would buy his dad’s dream car for him when he turned 57—so he did just that.

For video of Mike giving Roger the keys and showing him the car for the first time, click here.


http://www.autogaleria.hu -

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7 Car Organization Tricks

It’s surprisingly easy to let your car become a complete mess. French fries stuck between seats, loose change and receipts sprinkled across the floor, the glove box stuffed with a million different papers—it happens to the best of us. Here are some tips to keep the mess at bay in your car.


1.      Trash Bag Holder

Use an empty canister or tissue box to keep a bunch of plastic bags to use as trash bags. That way you always have a trash bag on hand when you need it.


2.      Cereal Keeper Trash Can

For those of you looking for a greener option to keep your car tidy, keep a cereal keeper near your center console and put trash in there. That way, you don’t have to use plastic bags—just empty the keeper whenever you stop for gas.


3.      Dryer Sheets under the Seats

To keep your car smelling fresh and clean, stick a few dryer sheets under the seats. It’s cheaper than buying an air freshener—and takes up less room too.


4.      Loose Change in an Empty Gum Container

Keep all of your loose change in an empty gum container to avoid confusion at toll booths. It can fit in a cup holder for easy access, or in your center console or glove box if you don’t need to use it that often.


5.      File Organizer in Glove Box

To your glove box clutter-free, use a file organizer with tabs to separate registration, insurance, and service receipts—it’ll be much easier to find what you’re looking for if your glove box is neatly organized. It’ll probably create more free space, too.


6.      Visor Organizer

You can pick up a visor organizer just about anywhere nowadays, and they’re wonderful for keeping the things you use most nearby. They can hold your phone, sunglasses, CDs, pen and paper, chargers—everything you could possibly need, really.


7.      Shoe Organizer on Back of Seat

Hang a shoe organizer over the back of the driver or passenger seat to keep important things handy, like hand sanitizer, sun screen, tissues, and water bottles. They’re also good for storing things to keep your children occupied, like books or toys, and keeping them very easily within their reach.



These tricks are a great way to make keeping your vehicle clean that much easier. If you want to make your car look as good on the outside as it does on the inside, treat it to one of our Car Spa Packages.

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Apple CarPlay in a Chevy Spark at the WWDC


Recently at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, or WWDC, Apple displayed a Chevy Spark with their new product, CarPlay. CarPlay, like AirPlay and Apple TV, is a way to use your iPhone through a different medium—which, in this case, is your car.

The interface for CarPlay is very similar to that of an iPhone. It uses the same apps and the same voice for Siri, but CarPlay uses features that require don’t require you to look at or touch the screen as much, allowing you to focus more on the road.

By connecting your iPhone (versions 5, 5s, and 5c only) to the system via USB, you’ll be able to make phone calls, look up directions, read and write (or technically listen to and dictate) texts, listen to your music, podcasts, or iTunes Radio.

From the demonstration at WWDC, it looks like CarPlay will be a much safer way to use your phone on the road. It’s user-friendly, like most Apple products, and you can do many things verbally rather than having to briefly take your eyes off the road to press a button on your dashboard—or even worse, using your actual phone and being completely distracted from driving.

CarPlay will eventually be available in future Chevy models, as well as several other major car brands. Neither Apple nor Chevy have given a specific date for when their cars will be delivered with CarPlay already in them, but we can only hope that it’s going to be soon.

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6 Ways to Treat Your Chevy this Summer

The heat of summer can be hard on cars (and people), especially in Florida, where heat and humidity combine to make something usually effortless, like walking from your front door to your car, a hellish ordeal. So now, the beginning of summer, is an excellent time to prove your love for your Chevy and prepare it for the inevitable meteorological weirdness that is a Florida summer.


1. Get your AC checked out – There’s nothing worse than those few minutes between turning on your car and waiting for the air conditioning to kick in. So why not take your Chevy to our service department to get the AC checked out? Anything that cuts down the amount of time the inside of your car feels like the inside of a volcano is a good thing. Especially if you accidentally touch the metal part of your seat belt when first getting in…


2. Replace your windshield wipers –  Florida summers notoriously bring in some crazy thunderstorms. You can basically expect a mini hurricane every day around three o’clock. And while they never last very long, they can be a nightmare to drive through. So do yourself (and your Chevy) a favor and replace your windshield wipers—you’ll need all the visibility you can get.


3. Check your tires –  Before you get out on your summer road trip to see the Grand Canyon, Yosemite or Disney World, check your tires to make sure you don’t run out of air halfway to your destination. Also, if you don’t have it already, you might want to think about getting nitrogen in your tires. It leaks more slowly than regular air, allowing your tires to go farther and last longer.


4. Get an oil change – This goes along with number three. If you plan on going on any road trips this summer, it’s a really good idea to get your oil changed before you go. You don’t want any trouble once you’re on the road.


5. Give it a good wash – There’s no better way to show your Chevy how much you love it than to wash it. Love bugs, bird droppings, and other acidic elements can eat away at your vehicle’s wax and paint. So whether you treat it to one of our Car Spa Packages or wash it yourself, your vehicle will look and feel brand new. If you do choose to wash it yourself, we recommend drying it with a squeegee to avoid leaving behind any dirt.


6. Take a can of air to the interior – This might sound a little unconventional, but a great way to remove the dust from your dashboard and AC vents is to use one of those cans of air made to clean keyboards and other electronics. Just be sure not to leave the air can in your car when you’re done, because exposing that to high temperatures can be sort of dangerous.


Whether you choose to spend your summer on a cross-country road trip, at the beach, or at home, make sure to take good care of your Chevy. Hot weather can be annoying and harmful to all of us, cars and people alike. At David Maus Chevrolet, we’re as interested in treating your Chevy well as you are, so be sure to come visit us soon and check out our service specials while you’re here!

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Community Comes Together to Dedicate Patient Rooms at Florida Hospital for Children; Including one to the David Maus Foundation


ORLANDO, Fla., April 17, 2013 – Florida Hospital for Children recently dedicated 19 pediatric patient rooms on the 6th and 7th floors of the hospital thanks to the generosity of donors in the Central Florida community. An event was held to celebrate the individuals that have contributed to the care of children in our community and unveil the new signage located in front of each room.

“This was a record number of rooms to be dedicated to the hospital at one time,” said Marla Silliman, administrator of Florida Hospital for Children. “We are so thankful to our donors because without them we would not be where we are today. It is the generosity of our community that allows us to be a world-class center for pediatric care.”

The dedication ceremony for the 19 general pediatric rooms was held in 7th floor family area of Florida Hospital for Children. The small reception recognized each individual family and concluded with the donors unveiling their room signage on the two nature themed patient floors. Each pediatric room is private and family centered with a dedicated medical staff located close by.

The following are some of the donors who were recognized:

  • Chuck and Julie Cole
  • J. Darin and Andrea Stewart Family
  • James M. Cox Foundation, Cox Media Group, and Manheim
  • Lars and Julie Houmann Family
  • Make Life Better Foundation of Unicity International
  • Orlando Magic Youth Foundation
  • OUC – The Reliable One
  • Sandi and Allen Saft
  • The David Maus Foundation
  • The Morningstar Project and the Bonis Family
  • Vivian and Barry Woods Trust – Gerald Rutberg

Florida Hospital for Children has one of the largest panels of pediatric experts in Central Florida with a highly trained team of more than 1,000 employees. It is home to 200-pediatric beds and serves as a destination for pediatric health care. It delivers a complete range of pediatric health services for younger patients including advanced surgery, oncology, neurosurgery, cardiology, orthopedics, urology, endocrinology, transplant services, full-service pediatrics and an innovative health and obesity platform.

For more information, please contact Florida Hospital Media Relations at 407-303-8217.




Employees from David Maus Chevrolet volunteered for the annual David Maus Automotive Spring Egg-stravaganza Party at the Florida Hospital for Children today. The volunteers sat with children on each floor of the new Disney Pavilion creating and helping with arts and crafts donated by the David Maus Foundation. The volunteers also put together a egg hunt for the kids to get extra special trinkets to take home.

The David Maus Foundation financially supports four to six holiday parties a year at the Florida Hospital for Children with the volunteers coming from the Foundation and the four David Maus Automotive stores. Already this year, employees volunteered for the St. Patrick’s Day party. Next up will be a celebration of Independence Day on July 2nd for the children.







For more information on how you can help, visit www.floridahospitalforchildren.com.


Last Sunday, local Central Florida DJ,”Taco Bob”  WJRR’s morning show 101.1 FM visited the David Maus Chevrolet store with huge ticket giveaways. One winner was drawn every 30 minutes for the upcoming and exclusive Earth Day Birthday concert. Taco Bob is our most recent DJ endorser and always been a customer. Listen in on 101.1 FM from 5:00a – 10:00a to hear Taco Bob and the crazy things he talks about. To read about the show, click here.

David Maus Chevrolet is open 7 days a week in both Sales and Service. For more information call 407-547-2600.

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